“Twin Flames”

The notion of Twin Flames is all over the psychic/occult landscape, the idea that there is somehow one soul manifesting in two bodies. There are hours of videos devoted to the idea, and why a Twin “runs” and how they can be brought back.

But the notion is founded on a limited premise: That the two are somehow meant to be together. And that’s not necessarily the case.

If there really IS such a thing, if the two of you are one soul in two bodies, you are never truly separate in the first place. Not in the reality of the Soul.

Twin Flames meet in physicality to catalyze certain things in each other, and when that purpose is fulfilled, you separate so that the process can complete and your egos not become dependent on each other and arrest the process.

The resonance between the two of you is deeply compelling, but it’s so that you come to know more-fully who you really are and to complete yourself, not that you are destined to be together in bliss and complete each other in co-dependence.

How you deal with being alone and waiting is a great recipe for your growth or for your suffering, and regardless of some psychic reader telling you that your Twin’s relationship with someone-else is somehow wrong, your Twin has their own work to do that is being catalyzed by that relationship — and free will is a thing and there is no guarantee that your personalities will be compatible if your Twin exits that relationship.

And interference in the free will of another human being through psychic power is spiritually unlawful, so don’t even think about trying to use the “Law of Attraction” or some-such to get your Twin back. If you’re even tempted to use it, it is all-the-more necessary for your Twin to have “run,” so that you can grow up.

So attend to the work of completing yourself within yourself, of developing an authentic autonomy so that you have a happiness that truly belongs to you.

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