The Next Step

From a friend’s Facebook post:

How can you be ready for the next level of growth? You simply cannot….because like any growth it’s new & you cannot be fully ready for whats new!

We can’t know what we don’t know — and the real knowledge does not come from books or stuff we hear at workshops, but from the kind of direct experience that changes our felt-sense of identity and reality.

Like you can’t “not see” the vase between the profiles or the profiles framing the vase once you see them, the real knowledge is something you can’t not-know about yourself after it finally graces you — and grace is gratuitous, so you can’t engineer or cause this awakening, no matter how profound the affirmations on your fridge door.

So we absolutely must learn to sail the boat of our awakening by doing the practices and practicing the attitudes of the awakened ones… we have to hoist the sail or nothing happens, but the currents are what they are and the wind is going to be what it’s going to be, and we can’t control those things, we can only surrender to them.