There are two ways of learning humility.

One is opening in total awe and joy to the speechless beauty, aliveness, and perfection of it all.

The other: Our knees hit the floor in abject surrender, our world having collapsed and we realize that we control absolutely nothing.

That is “I am nothing.”  The other is “I am everything.”

The Universe doesn’t care which one it takes to awaken you from the trance of yourself.  If you won’t do the work of learning to trust and let go of your illusory control and steer by the Boundless, you will go under the cosmic abalone-hammer to soften you up, as a natural consequence of your obstinacy.

Most of us choose that because we actually fear to truly surrender to awe and beauty unless it’s in manageable amounts. We want to have choice and that is precisely how we limit ourselves to the stale banality of our comfort zone.