Conspiracy Theories

As I’m proceeding in my training in Somatic Experiencing, I’m more-and-more convinced that a lot of subscription to conspiracy narratives is actually a trauma response.

Our culture teaches *dysregulation*, the better to control us and sell us stuff.

*Most* people are living at a level of nervous-system hyper-arousal that has become an identity, and is thus deemed “normal.”

In many people, this hyper-arousal has the effect of creating hypervigilance and apophenia. For people habituated to this, a state of actual regulation and inner quiet is uninteresting or even anxiety-provoking.

It does not matter whether the “conspiracy” is real. That’s a red herring. The real issue is what’s happening in your nervous system and whether you’ll let go of the “conspiracy” long-enough to find your own deep substance.

And that won’t happen as long as you’re cathecting an identity around conspiracy narratives — or any narrative. That’s the teaching of all the authentic spiritual paths.