The Reality of the Path

As a lived life is messy, so the spiritual path is messy. It’s not a straight line of beautiful harmonious unfoldment… it’s a mud-wrestle with our inner demons and a shedding-and-grieving of everything in our life that doesn’t support naked, undefended authenticity.

You might — or might NOT — become a higher-functioning person. You might — or might NOT — become more materially prosperous.
You might — or might NOT — find your soul-mate.

The spiritual path is not about any of these things, and the lure of them is not signposts to your further progress but billboards for spiritual tourist-traps that will waste precious time and resources if you follow them.

But what you WILL find, if your intention is to uncover/unfold the truth of your real being, is a self-knowledge that is a direct link to God and a happiness that can never be taken from you, because it is not contingent on anything except itself. Its very nature is Love.