What’s “Meant to Be”

We’re often told that, “if it was meant to be,” that things will work out.

I don’t know about what’s “meant to be,” because the universe has great randomness — elsewise there would be neither free will nor creativity — and its only movement seems to be toward evolution in the sense of greater complexity and greater self-awareness.

So our part in that is less about “what’s meant to be” as it is making something beautiful out of what we’re handed. Things will still work out.


I’m seriously not “wise.”

Standing on the pier of what I know, I can get around it mostly without tripping over the cleats or just the planks, and without getting huge splinters in my feet.

But I’m at the end of the pier looking at the ocean and sky of what I do not know… and I know that what I see in the shallows of the ocean and what of the sky reflected in the water is shallow seeing and distorted reflection, and that ocean and sky act upon me in unforeseeable ways.