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Here are some of my audio discourses and classes. Most are free, a few will cost a modest amount. Click the link and listen or download.

Zikr December 18th 2012 Zikr

 Class given on January 8, 2010 on “Awakening and the Subtle Anatomy of the Mind”

 A basic Breath awareness meditation/practice (from a training Breath given in Austin TX, September 2012)

 Another meditation with the Breath (also from the Austin seminar)

 Practices with sound, intoning “HU” and on “harmonic singing” and its application to practices with the Divine Names

 Meditation on the Perfect Master

 4/11/2014 class on Embodiment, Trust, and other cool things.

videoShort clip talking about the Turn

videoVideo of the morning meditation given by me during the June 2014 Summer Retreat of the Ināyati Order

videoOctober 2016 Video interview of me by Wesley Gonzalez for a college-class project


Want to download the track instead of streaming it? Right-click (PC) or control-click (Mac) on the name of the file, and select “Save Target As” (Internet Explorer), “Save Link As” (Chrome or Firefox), or “Download Linked File” (Safari) to download the track.





2 thoughts on “audio & video

  1. Aishah Magnolia says:

    I am curious if you can help me out with recommendations.
    Soon I will be going to the Middle East; Egypt and Jordan and possibly other countries.
    I am new to Sufism, but strongly resonate especially with what I have read and listened to by you, Hafizullah. I was recommended to look you up online by Christoffer (Hareesh) Wallis, on one of his retreats recently.
    Do you know of any teachers or places to engage with authentic Sufism in the Middle East?
    Thank you.
    With kindness

    • Hafizullah says:

      I have connections in Turkey & India, and can find you connections in Israel/Palestine, but don’t know anyone in Jordan or Lebanon or that region, sorry to say. Or Morocco, though I could possibly find someone there through a colleague.

      I will reach out to Alan Godlas; he is a professor at the University of Georgia and a very-knowledgeable Sufi as well. He may know someone…

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