The “Authentic Self”

There is an authentic self.

But it’s not in your mind, your personality, or your body.

Your dreams might point at it, but you can’t meet it through images; it is beyond all images and forms, emotions and willful seeking.

It existed before you took human incarnation. It is informed by but not originated by or dependent upon your temporary human earthsuit.

And it is continually probing for even a little bit of Yes — those undefended, unguarded, usually-unconscious moments — to show up as your real being and quicken the dead places in your human life.

You don’t “reach” it as much as you become permeable to it; you stop doing all the stuff that keeps It from reaching “you.” All that stuff is what you believe are “yourself.” Get very quiet inside.

Become empty — really empty — so that It will fill you properly, according to Its inherent wisdom.

When the Secret of God enters, all the petty secrets leave.