The “Law of Attraction”

I’ve posted my objections to the “Law of Attraction” in a few places, but thought I’d summarize them here.

  1. Most people’s minds are simply not powerful or focused-enough to “attract” (or repel) things.
  2. The Law of Attraction a modern New-Age/Western-occultist concoction, not an ancient teaching. The ancient sages & masters did not teach acquiring things through mind-control. They taught perfecting oneself, not acquiring things, as the path to authentic and lasting happiness.
  3. The proposition that your “manifesting” isn’t working because you have (unconscious) “limiting beliefs” is a slick way to keep selling books & programs when people’s “manifesting” fails.
    Corollary: There is probably great potential for material prosperity in the Law of Attraction — but mostly only for its promoters.
  4. The notion of managing life through mind-control is very plausible and attractive to people who are ungrounded and incompletely-embodied, who haven’t fully incarnated into this human life. These often find the complexities of human incarnation bewildering if not frightening, and long for the simplicity and purity of the angelic realm, of which they have a dim memory but little present-time access.
    So the LoA promoters are taking unfair and unethical advantage of such people, offering the LoA as a spiritual solution to people who really need a different kind of spiritual practice to take that next step into becoming fully embodied, and fully human, instead of quasi-angelic. They need to manifest themselves first…In other words: “Find the right person” by first becoming the right person.
  5. A lot of LoA teachings are from “channeled” entities… and therein lies an issue. The realm where these entities abide is one of “mind-substance” rather than physical atoms, and you do “manifest” things by mind-control, because that’s how that plane works; there is no physical mass or inertia, and time itself works differently. In that realm, it’s easy to shove stuff around by mental effort (rather the way Heaven is depicted in the film What Dreams May Come). So these entities are advising us from a perspective that simply doesn’t work on the earth-plane where time and mass/inertia are real things.
    Corollary: Just because an entity doesn’t have a body doesn’t mean that it’s wiser than you — so don’t ask about your human incarnation of a being that’s not living one itself. And some of these entities hover close to the earth plane to try to experience human life vicariously through their “channel,” and they keep their channel and his/her audience “on the string” by doling-out (mostly intellectual) “teachings” to the aforementioned ungrounded people … and I can’t help but see that as a bit dark…

So the secret of “The Secret” is that it doesn’t work.

It’s noteworthy that “The Secret” and the LoA in-general only have much traction in the U.S.; most other parts of the world are not as materialistic as the U.S. and LoA/mind-control programs are just not as popular or visible.

And that brings me to another point… From the perspective of awakening, the soul does not want stuff. It does not even want its “twin flame.” It wants a return to the absolute freedom and intimacy of its own True Nature. So the Law of Attraction is not really “spiritual” at all — it’s just further enmeshment in an inherently-frustrating striving for acquisition that does not help the soul fulfill its purpose, that of illumination.