Identifications, Life & Death

Life lives on life. That’s one of the basic laws of 3-D embodiment.
AND: If you *really understand*, you know, sensately, that there is just One life moving from box to box like water cycling between rain, plants & animals, water vapor, and clouds. At the most profound level, there is only life and there is no death.

A major component of all the authentic spiritual traditions is the human confrontation with mortality, removing the fear of death, and training in dying well.

Yes, there is suffering involved in animals being raised and slaughtered for human food. It is a breach of moral law and I am not defending agribiz.

But at the same time, what I see in many vegans is that their moral outrage is really a “cover” for their own deep identification with physicality — a very contracted, dense egoic state actually — and their own personal fear of death.

Relieving that fear changes *everything*; otherwise, deep assimilation of authentic teachings is impossible and we remain living on the surface of our experience and whipsawed by phenomena.