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 About this artwork

Most of these calligraphic designs begin as an idea (often coming to me as I work with these sacred words and phrases as mantra) and are first rendered on paper with a broad-edged calligraphic pen. They are then digitized at high resolution from a flatbed scanner, and the layout refined and the colors and borders added in software. Prints are made from a wide-carriage photo printer on archival (acid and lignin free) card-stock in waterproof and light-fast pigment inks.

There is a “canon” — a set of rules and conventions — pertaining to this calligraphic style, and these designs stick closely to it, i.e., are authentic to the tradition.

All designs are ©Hafizullah Chishti, including the Winged Heart. If you wish to use the Winged Heart calligraphic emblem for one of your own projects such as a book, contact me for permission and digital instances suitable for quality printing.

You may purchase prints of these pieces. The standard sizes are 4″x6″ (“small”), 8″x8″/8″x10″ (“medium”), and 12×12/13×19 (“large”). Additionally, the Winged Heart can be purchased at 13″x36″ (“banner”). The 8×10 and 12×12 pieces will fit standard mat-boards and frames available from art-supply stores and frame shops. The Tughra (“Winged Heart”) calligraphy is an exception; it’s ugly in a standard-proportion mat-board and frame, so you may need to get it custom-framed.

Colors may vary slightly from those shown due to differences in monitor calibration and uncontrollable variations between ink suppliers. If you are not satisfied, you may return your purchase for a full refund.

Custom colors available by request. Large custom sizes are available, but may take extra time. Everything but the banner-sized Winged Heart ship via USPS between pieces of corrugated board in a bubblewrap envelope. The banner is rolled into a tube, as I have found that it cannot be shipped flat without incurring damage in transit.

I will undertake custom/by-request pieces of either Sufi Calligraphy or inspirational epigrams/posters.

If you have any questions or would like to pay by check, you can email me.

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