Spirit Embodied: A View of Living in Wholeness

“Spirituality” is often regarded as something apart from life. In reality, it’s only the spiritually-awakened who can move in the dance of fluid aliveness, fearlessness, and full integrity that is a fully-lived human life.

A grounded and integrated spiritual awareness embraces the Earth and the Heavens equally. This mode-of-knowing brings life into alignment with Divine Purpose in a deeply-embodied way, which then expresses as “right action” in the world. The Divine is not apart from us, but is us as our own deep substance, and it’s not just the prophets who can carry it in the world.

This highly-interactive workshop is designed for spiritual seekers and “light-workers” of all levels of experience. Drawing upon practices from the Sufi and other traditions, we will inquire into the living nature of this alignment, and into the ways we may unconsciously work against it to create struggle and fragmentation in our lives. You will learn practical techniques and perspectives that can assist you in cultivating a deep intuition, a healing presence, and a deepening commitment to personal and planetary evolution.

Apologies; due to unforeseen circumstances, we must postpone this workshop. We’ll run it again in the spring. If you have pre-registered via PayPal, you will receive a prompt and full refund.